Universal Tracking Feature

Hello Referred Vendor,

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about AdMinder's Universal Tracking Solution, and how it can help you and your network of affiliates.

Two Problems, One Solution

Most likely, you are here for one or both of the following reasons:

  • Your affiliates are wanting to track their ad campaigns that promote your products and services, but you don't want to bother implementing a 1x1 pixel on your sales confirmation or "thank you" page for EACH of your affiliates
  • You are looking for another way to generate residual income using your network of affiliates

The good news is that with the release of AdMinder Ad Tracking version 3.3, AdMinder solves both of these problems for you.  Simply put, the Universal Tracking Feature implemented in version 3.3 allows you (a vendor) to place one 1x1 tracking pixel on your "thank you" page.  Then any of your affiliates who want to track their campaigns, from click all the way to sale, can now do so using AdMinder.

Now, if one of your affiliates does not have an AdMinder ad tracking account, you can refer them to your custom page at AdMinder to get their own, special 30-day trial so they can see for themselves.  There is no credit card required to sign up.  No committment.  No strings attached.  But once they start using AdMinder, many don't want to stop.  And if they want to continue their account beyond the first 30-days, they simply enter their billing information to keep their account active.  Otherwise, their account simply expires after the trial period ends.

The good news for you is that not only are you providing your affiliates with a tracking solution, you'll receive a commission each and every month they remain a paying ad tracking customer.

Plus, if they purchase any of our other services (Guaranteed Visitors or Drop In Ads), you'll earn commissions on those, too.

Finally, AdMinder has a five tier affiliate program so you'll earn commissions on the sales generated by anyone you refer who signs up as an AdMinder affiliate.

Steps on How To Implement AdMinder's Universal Tracking Feature for Your Network

To address your affiliate's need for tracking and to generate residual income from your affiliates, simply follow these steps:

  1. Become An AdMinder Affiliate - First and foremost, you need to sign up as an AdMinder affiliate so when your affiliates become AdMinder customers, you earn commissions on any purchases they make.  Sign up is free and only takes a minute.  Click here to register as an AdMinder Affiliate.
  2. Notify Us - Send us an email at support@adminder with your affiliate username and that you are part of the Universal Tracking Program.  This will also be our cue to set up a custom landing page for you at AdMinder.  This special landing page will explain the Universal Tracking Feature to your affiliates and also mark them as your customers so if they choose to become an AdMinder customer, you receive a commission.  Once we have set up your custom page, we will notify you with your custom page URL.
  3. Create A Universal Tracking Name - Next, simply visit http://www.adminder.com/universal.cgi and register a name that you want to use.  This UT Name will be visible in your affiliates "click" or gateway URLs so please choose an appropriate name.  For example, if your company name is Acme, you might choose acmesales.  If you are sending me more than one site in step 1, you can use the same UT Name for all sites, create a separate one for each or something in between.  To keep things simple, I suggest using just one UT Name for all your sites.  That way, if you have affiliates promoting more than one of your sites, they only have to remember one UT Name for all their "click" or gateway URLs.
  4. Implement The 1x1 Tracking Pixel - Upon successfully creating your UT Name in step 3, the "success" page will give you your choice of code to place on the "thank you" page of your site for the UT Name you entered.  Place the appropriate pixel on any "thank you" pages where affiliates earn a commission.  Also, consider adding a 1x1 pixel to any "thank you" pages that you'd like the affiliate to track, such as free newsletter signups, free trial memberships and other non-cost actions.
  5. Inform Your Affiliate Network - Once we have created your custom landing page and you have completed the above steps, you are ready to announce your solution to your affiliates.  Here is a sample email that can be used as a starting point for the message you send to your affiliates.  We also suggest updating your affiliate support area with information about the supporting the Universal Tracking Feature including the UT Name you have chosen (you can also use the email creative as a starting point).  You'll also want to include the AdMinder Universal Tracking Seal in your affiliate support area so your affiliates know you support the UT Feature.  I would suggest creating a hyperlink out of the seal that points to your custom landing page so your affiliates can learn more about the solution and how to get their free 30-day trial.

That's all there is to it.  If you have questions or need more information please don't hesitate to contact us at support@adminder.

A Final Note About AdMinder and Your Affiliate Tracking System

We've had some questions about the potential confusion affiliates may have over the tracking system you have in place to track commissions for your affiliates and the purpose of AdMinder, since both systems track sales.  Let me take a moment to clear this up.

AdMinder is a tracking system which allows your affiliates to track the effectiveness of their ads by tracking how many sales a particular ad generates.  Your affiliate tracking system is designed to record how many total sales the affiliate has generated, regardless of whether any ads were tracked or not.  They are two completely different and independent systems.  AdMinder is not a replacement for your affiliate tracking system to track commissions.  The commissions and sales shown through your affiliate tracking system is what should be used for affiliate commissions.

Because these are two completely different tracking systems (one for affiliate sales and one for ads), AdMinder may show higher or lower sales than what your affiliate tracking system may report since each is managed by two different sets of cookies.  Our preliminary testing for the Universal Tracking feature shows this difference to be less than 1% so this is a very small issue (if not non-existent).  Such small discrepancies rarely affect the outcome of whether an ad is effective or not.  And that's what AdMinder is designed to show -- how effective an ad really is.