Landing Page Optimization Guide

The number one question we get asked is "how can I get more traffic to my site?" Well, one VERY effective solution and answer to that question is pop-under advertising. Since you already know that (and hence, why YOU are now utilizing pop-unders and reading this page), let's move onto the second asked question - "how can I make more promotions and ads more effective?".

First off, you need a way to track the results of your efforts in order to determine a "baseline" that you can compare future results to once you start tweaking your ads, salesletter, etc. Ideally you want to track anything and everything - visitors to your site, downloads of your e-book or software, subscribers to your e-zine, etc. and of course sales.

This is why we invented AdMinder ... this is why thousands of people effectively use AdMinder every day and this is why we HIGHLY recommend YOU start utilizing AdMinder right away. Only after you have a good tracking system in place should you even think about trying to improve your site, your advertisements, etc. because without one you'll just be guessing. Without one you'll just be wasting time and money.

Before Getting Started

What we are going to outline on this page are some effective ad "tips" more specific to pop-under advertising. There is NO WAY anyone can teach you everything you need in just a few web pages.

Okay, Let's Get Started ...

One of the most important things to know is that you should NOT attempt to directly "sell" anything on the page(s) you direct your Guaranteed Visitors to. Although the Pop-Under windows are much larger than a banner, and give you more space to work with than an e-zine ad, you will get the best results if you use Pop-Unders as a "lead" generating tool like any other ad.

With any type of advertisement, but with Pop-Unders especially, you only have a few seconds to grab the prospects attention. Rather than showing them a 10-page salesletter, you'll be much better off presenting them with a short page designed specifically for grabbing their attention.

Use an attention-getting headline, a quick opening statement, and quickly show how you can help them in one way or another. A quick list of features, benefits, etc. would be good. Whatever you have to say - whatever convincing you have to do - make it fast and get right to the point.

Ideally, when a web surfer sees your Target URL you want them to say "Yes, that's for me ... sounds interesting ... how do I get MORE information ... what do I do next?" If the prospect is interested in what you're offering, they can click to your main page for all of the information.

You Have Other Lead-In Options ...

One thing to keep in mind is that your Pop-Under Target URLs don't have to "lead in" to another webpage or salesletter though.

Many savvy marketers are having great success using Pop-Unders to collect names and email addresses, by giving away something for free - a free sample, trial offer, ezine subscription, or simply more info. Once you have converted the prospect into a qualified lead you can follow-up.

It's up to you how you want to do it ... but your Pop-Under pages should NOT be the final step in the sales or lead generation process. It should be the first of a 2-step process. Just be sure that it is very clear to the user what you want them to do next - click a link, call your 800 number, fill out a form, etc.

If you want your pop-under page to be a sales letter ... then fine, but it HAS to be done correctly otherwise you'll just drive people away. One thing it should also NOT do is have it sent to your "home" page simply because MOST people's home pages are very general.

It's best to be specific ... tell them exactly how they will benefit and what you are going to be giving them. If you send them to a very generalized page like your home page, it will only confuse the visitor with too many options and a confused person is a person who will NOT take action and no action = no sales!

As with any webpage, it's also important that your Pop-Under pages load FAST. This is especially true with Pop-Unders because you only have a few seconds to grab the person's attention. Be sure to optimize any images and you may want to stay away from (or limit) flash or other technologies that require additional loading or plug-ins, etc. in order to ensure that your pages load as quickly as possible.