Email Signatures

An Email Signature is a short block of text that is automatically added to the bottom of all the emails that you send and reply to every day -- a great way to generate commissions without a lot of effort. Here's how to use them, along with instructions for setting it up in all popular email programs.

Everyone on the Internet uses email, and overall, email marketing is still the best way to promote a business online. We'll discuss opt-in email advertising, e-zines and newsletters, etc. a little further down the line, but the first step to using email effectively is to use what's called a "Signature."

There are two important reasons you should use email signatures in your marketing - because the recipients of your emails WILL read them, and secondly, because they allow you to build your business automatically without any extra effort on your part. And you can't beat that!

In a nutshell, including "signatures" with your email allows you to automatically include a small advertising blurb at the very end of your emails without you having to type out the information each and every time. And because people generally read the email you send them (unless you're spamming of course!) your little ad will be seen by a lot of people.

Maybe you aren't in the habit of responding to signature "ads", but rest assured that a lot of people do. A certain percentage of the people that read your signature ad will be interested in AdMinder and click on your Affiliate link. Some of them will signup to use the service (either immediately or in the future) and generate commissions for you. It's really as simple as that!

Here's an example of an email signature that you can use, and you can also find numerous other examples on the Text Ads page. Don't hesitate to get a little creative and create your own too.

Do YOU do any type of advertising or promoting online?

Whether you're promoting your own products or services,
or someone else's, click the link below to discover how
you can double your sales and profits within one month!

Note: Feel free to cut and paste the above and use it verbatim, or create your own signature ad if you want. Just be sure to replace the "username" in red with your own unique Affiliate Username!