The Secrets to maximizing your income from our Affiliate Program and earning big fat commission checks aren't really secrets at all. We'll explain exactly how the top affiliates are doing it, and more importantly, how you can do the same -- and increase your income 500% or more.

Each and every person who joins the AdMinder Affiliate Program is provided with the same tools and resources, and the same support, so why is it that some affiliates literally earn 50 times more than other affiliates? We've discovered the reasons, and now we want to share them with you.

The first thing that comes to mind is that some affiliates have an existing website that gets lots of traffic, or a large customer base, or an e-zine with tons of subscribers. Surely if they introduce their existing audience to AdMinder it will result in lots of sales ... so this must be the reason right?

Actually it's not. While it's true that some of our affiliates are generating tons of commissions this way, you don't need any of these things to earn very significant commissions with this program. In fact, 8 of our top 10 affiliates get less traffic than many other affiliates (who earn less).

Once we realized this, we decided to take a closer look. How could one affiliate who referred 1,000 people to AdMinder earn more commissions than another affiliate who referred 5,000? Prospects all saw the same AdMinder web site, and nothing changed on our end, so we concluded that it had to have something to do with the way they were referring people to the AdMinder web site.

And in a nutshell, that's the big "secret." The way that you refer people to AdMinder will make the biggest difference -- more than anything else -- in the size of your monthly commission checks. The funny thing is how incredibly easy it is to implement this "secret" and earn more money.

Here are the two main obstacles that you must overcome to earn lots of commissions introducing people to AdMinder, or any other product or service for that matter:

  1. People are sick of being bombarded with advertisements from all directions, and oftentimes -- either consciously or unconsciously -- tune them out completely.
  2. People usually do NOT buy things from strangers. They buy from people or companies they know and trust, or they buy things that are recommended by a trusted source.

Think about it. Can you remember the last ad banner you saw online? You've probably surfed right past about 20 of them in the last hour or two, yet can't remember a single one. And when was the last time you bought something from a telemarketer or door-to-door salesman?

On the other hand, when a friend recommends a good movie or a new restaurant, what do you do? There's a pretty good chance that you'll go and see that movie, or eat at that restaurant, right? This isn't a psychology class so let's just say it's human nature, and get to the solutions shall we?

The first step is to try to make your ads not look like ads. Take a look at our Banners and you'll see that we've tried to help you out in this regard. Our ad banners don't look like other ad banners, and they don't really look like ads at all. When you add them to your web page(s) they actually look like part of your web page. That's the whole idea, and that's why they got lots of clicks.

You need to try to achieve this with all of your ads and links to AdMinder. Rather than taking one of our Text Ads and slapping it on your site, spend 10 or 15 minutes to actually integrate it with the rest of your content. Use the text ads as a guide to write a few paragraphs about AdMinder, then incorporate it along with a link to your Affiliate URL and you may be surprised at the results.

There are actually a few examples of this on the Text Ads page that you can use as a starting point. But you know your site best, and your visitors, so do whatever you think is best. Maybe you have a navigation system that leads people to different sections of your site, and you can include a link to AdMinder that says "Ad Tracking" or something similar. The possibilities are literally endless.

Once you have tried to "disguise" your links to AdMinder so that they don't look like blatant ads, there's something else that you can do to take things to "the next level" and -- as Emeril Lagasse would say -- kick it up a notch. Ready to learn the one tactic that can triple your income?

Maximum clicks, conversion ratios, and commissions are achieved by endorsing AdMinder! As stated in obstacle number two above, people rarely buy things from strangers ... yet they are almost eager to try or buy things that are recommended by a trusted source. That's why people who trust you are at least ten times more likely to try AdMinder if you recommend it to them.

Think about it. Let's say that you have your own website and you sell Widgets. You have about 500 existing customers ... people who have bought your Widgets over the past year. Your Widgets are of a very high quality and they are also the least expensive Widgets on the web. When someone buys a Widget from you they are normally very satisfied because you gave them a quality Widget at a great price. Most of your customers immediately think of you whenever they need more Widgets.

What would happen if one day you sent an email to all of your customers, introducing them to a new product that would help them to get more use out of the Widgets that they buy from you? Better yet, what if you told them you have personally used this new product and that you absolutely love it, gave them a few examples of how it will help them, and that you highly recommend they give it a try?

Because your customers trust you, a large percentage of them will buy this new product on your recommendation. Many more so than if you were a stranger or someone they didn't know or trust. And it will be the same with AdMinder -- you will make many, many more sales if you endorse and recommend it to your audience. This is absolutely guaranteed, it's a proven fact.

Now, we aren't going to try to put words in your mouth ... it needs to come from you. You can see a few samples at the bottom of the Text Ads page, but we strongly suggest that you write it in your own words. That's the whole point ... you don't need to be a professional writer or salesperson to do this ... because the response to your genuine endorsement in your own words will be better than the response to a salesletter written by even the world's best copywriter. Guaranteed.

It really is that simple. No matter how many visitors you get to your website, or how many existing customers you have, or how many people subscribe to your e-zine, you can literally increase your sales and commissions up to 500% or more by implementing the two strategies outlined on this page. Disguise your ads so they don't look like ads, and endorse AdMinder. That's the secret!