Link Tips

On this page we're going to show you four different Link Tips which will help you to better manage your ads and promotions, generate more sub-affiliate signups, and earn more commissions from the AdMinder Affiliate Program. If you use all three tactics you will at least double your income!

1. Track Your Ads and Promotions

The first link tip will show you how to track your ads and promotions that you're using to promote AdMinder. It doesn't involve any more work than you're already doing now, and within a few seconds you can instantly start tracking your links to see which ones are working the best.

It's real easy, and you can track up to 100 different "campaigns." Simply pick a name for your ad campaign (whether it's a banner, text on your website, e-zine ad, etc.) and append it to your Affiliate URL as shown in the examples below. The campaign name must NOT include any spaces.
etc., etc., etc.

Once you start using links like this, you can login to your account at any time and see the results of your different ad campaigns and promotions by clicking the "Top 100 Referrals" button at the top of your stats page. We strongly suggest that you make use of this feature!

2. Directing Visitors to Other Pages

This tip illustrates how to use our advanced tracking system to direct visitors to pages other than the main AdMinder home page. Generally you'll want to direct people to the homepage using your standard referral URL, but there are 3 other pages you may want to use as well.

All that's involved is a simple change in the way you link to AdMinder. No matter what type of ad or promotion you're doing, you can add a "page" variable to your links as shown in the examples below. As always, just be sure you use your own unique Affiliate username in ALL of your links!

Here's how to direct your visitors right to the Affiliate program overview and sign-up page. If it fits your strategy, this will obviously help you to sign-up more sub-affiliates - just remember that no one makes any money just for signing up a bunch of other affiliates.

Likewise, if you want to promote the Guaranteed Traffic Program use a link like this:

3. Directing Visitors to Other Pages Without Pop-Ups

The previous tip shows you how to direct visitors to specific pages at the site.  These pages have been designed to maximize the possibility of acquiring a lead and generating a sale (and a commission for you) by using, among other things, pop-up windows and/or exit windows.  Whenever possible, the links in the prior tip should be used to increase your chances of making a sale.

However, there may be times when you cannot have a pop-up window and/or exit-window appear on these pages.  For example, if you are advertising the AdMinder ad tracking service using pop-under advertising, your provider may not allow pop-up windows and/or exit windows on the landing page.  This is the time to use the following links as these links will not only allow you to send your visitor to a specific page, but will not produce a pop-up window or an exit window.

  • AdMinder Ad Tracking Service (home page)
  • AdMinder Guaranteed Visitors Program

4. Using Your Own Domain in your Links

The third link tip involves a little-known HTML redirection strategy that is especially useful for increasing the effectiveness of your links used in e-zine ads, or any other ads or promotions where your Affiliate URL is visible (as opposed to hidden within an HTML page as a hyperlink).

Throughout the Affiliate Support Center we've demonstrated various ways that you can link to the AdMinder web site using the unique Affiliate URL that you were assigned. This works great in most situations, but there is a slight "problem" using it when your link has to be visible.

Because there are so many affiliate programs on the Internet these days, most people are pretty familiar with how they work. One usual "tip off" that reveals to a potential customer that you are participating in an Affiliate program is your unique referral link. With AdMinder that would be:

This is a lot better than many other programs which assign Affiliate URLs like:

... but even the Affiliate link our system has assigned you can tip off a potential customer that you are participating in an Affiliate program. There's nothing really "bad" about that, but in general it's better if it appears you are promoting your own web site. Here's how to accomplish that ...

  1. Create a sub-directory at your site such as
  2. Use the following HTML code to create a new page called index.html

    <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=">
  3. Place the index.html you just created into your new AdMinder directory.

That's it! Now you can use in all of your ads and promotions, and when someone visits that URL they will be automatically and instantly re-directed to your AdMinder Affiliate URL. The re-direction is invisible to the naked eye, and you will see an increased response to all of your links done this way. We strongly suggest using this tactic for your e-zine ads, etc.