Guaranteed Traffic Program

Earn up to $200 or more PER SALE promoting our new Guaranteed Visitors and Guaranteed Clicks Program!

One of the great things about promoting AdMinder is that it really is a great product, and just about everyone loves it. Most people who subscribe end up using the service for quite awhile - meaning you earn a monthly renewal commission month after month on each customers that renews.

The only "bad" thing about promoting AdMinder is that it is such a low-priced product that it can take awhile to build a significant monthly income. Established marketers with an existing customer base, opt-in list, etc. are often able to generate thousands of dollars in commissions very quickly, but for most affiliates it takes a little while to build up a nice monthly income.

There's nothing wrong with that though ... because once you generate a new customer you will earn another commission each month that they renew without doing any extra work - and you really can't beat that. But wouldn't it be great if you could also earn bigger commissions ASAP?

Well now you can with our Guaranteed Visitors Program. This automated system allows anyone to literally get as many visitors to their web site as they want, week after week, by copying one of the most successful online ad campaigns ever. Click the link above for all the details.

As an AdMinder affiliate you're already set-up to promote this program and earn up to $1,000+ per sale. In fact, we are already helping you to promote it and earn extra commissions by indirectly promoting this new program to your visitors when they leave the website.

Of course, if you want to generate a substantial income from this new product you'll definitely need to do more than that ... so we are providing you with everything you need here on this page. We'll teach you one simple strategy that could earn you 1000s in quick commissions.

But first, here's an example of a banner that is already working pretty well. If you've read the other material here in the Affiliate Support Center you should already know that banners aren't the best way to promote anything, but if you want to use a banner this one works well ...

468x60 Pixel Banner #5

<!-- Start of AdMinder Banner Code -->
<a href="">
<img src=""
width="468" height="60" border="0"></a>
<!-- End of AdMinder Banner Code -->

Important! Please be sure to replace username with YOUR unique Affiliate Username, otherwise we won't be able to track your referrals or commissions. This is VERY important!

Now, let's move right on to the "good stuff". As mentioned above, there is one simple strategy you can use to generate lots of BIG sales relatively quickly and easily. But first, it's important that you familiarize yourself with the Guaranteed Visitors Program because we aren't going to explain it all here. If you haven't already, please click the link above and read the overview.

A Simple Strategy That Really Works

As discussed in the letter, Pop-Under advertising and guaranteed clicks can work very well for any site promoting products, services, content, etc. that appeals to a "general audience." Obviously the success or failure of a particular campaign will also depend on many other factors such as the type of offer, etc.

However, our experience shows that certain things are just perfect for promoting with Pop-Unders and Guaranteed Clicks - and one of these is business opportunities ... especially Network Marketing programs or other types of "work from home" opportunities. Studies have shown that up to 90% of the adults in the US would like to start their own business, so I guess it shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Knowing this, we approached a bunch of Network Marketers we knew and asked if they would be interested in our help developing an automated lead-generation system. Having a constant supply of qualified leads can be the difference between failure and wild success in the Network Marketing business, so again it was no surprise that most of them were interested.

In a nutshell, all we did was show them that by creating a special page at their site and promoting it via Pop-Unders and Guaranteed Clicks they could generate dozens and even hundreds of fresh, qualified leads every single day. Week after week, month after month ... a Network Marketer's dream come true!

So while it may not sound like a big "secret" or anything special, this is what we suggest:

Focus on promoting the Guaranteed Traffic program to Network Marketers and the other "biz op" promoters as a way to develop an automated lead-generation system.

Take our word for it, this concept sells itself to anyone who has been in the business for awhile and knows the value of an automated lead-generation system. All you need to do is let them know about the program, suggest that they sign-up as an affiliate, and then THEY can promote the program to their downline or other people involved in their business.

It's a win-win for everyone involved:

  • The Network Marketer now has a never-ending source of inexpensive leads
  • They can make money and help their downline by introducing them to the program
  • And of course you get commissions and over-rides on every sale that's made!

Important Reminder in regards to promoting the Guaranteed Visitors Program

While we want you to be successful, we also insist that you go about promoting it responsibly. We understand you may be tempted to just surf the web and send unsolicited emails to every Network Marketer you find, but please remember we have a very strict no spamming policy.

Be sure to read the rest of the material in the Affiliate Support Center about how to integrate this concept into your website, etc. Of course, if you have an existing customer base, opt-in list, etc. with subscribers who might be interested in this, that would be the place to start.

That's really it for now ... we'll be adding more information to this page in the near future and we'll let you know when we do. If you have any questions or need help just Contact Us.