My "Double Your Business" Formula ...

We've been in business for over a decade and have owned (and still do) MANY businesses. A few failed miserably ... but most are extremely profitable (especially since we started doing most of our business online). Anyway, here's a question we received from one of our clients. He purchased one of our products (from another web site) and wanted to make "more" money ...

"Sam ... I received your product, downloaded the info, and I think the information is VERY good and the products and services are great as well! ...

But, here is where my problem begins: I started advertising and promoting the product and after 5 weeks of work, I have only made $3,120.00. I have $690 of expenses so my profits are less than $2,500.00. How can I make more?" - Mark

First off, I don't think you should be unhappy because $2,500 (NET profit) your first month is very good. Heck, I didn't make a dime until my fourth or fifth month on the Internet! We have affiliates and customers making more ... but we also have people making less. It's all relative I guess, but you're off to a great start!

Anyway, with this question I can give you dozens of ideas on how you can "make more sales", but before I do so, I would need to ask you dozens of questions as to what you've done so far, what's your experience on the Net, how much time and money do you have to devote to this, etc., etc., etc.

Your question is too general for me to answer in an email... so it would be best if you could give me some more specifics first. Until then, I will try and give you a more general answer that has proven many times to increase and double the sales for my clients... and it'll do the same for you!

When I did consulting years ago for large corporations, I had a simple formula for doubling their business every single month! At times we did even more sales... and some months less. But after 8-12 months (average was 10), the average outcome almost always had a "doubling" effect.

Here's The Formula In Its Most Basic Form

Every month, take HALF of your profits (more if you'd like) and re-invest it BACK into your business. Most of it (75% or more) should be on marketing/advertising.


Now, there are more specifics to my "patented double-your-sales" formula and it's beyond the scope of this one email, but it all revolves around just one concept:

You MUST be able to track EVERY aspect of your advertising to determine what's working and what's not. You can't leave anything to "chance."

For example, let's keep it simple and say in January you spent $500 on advertising. Half was on banner advertising and the other half was on ezine advertising. At the end of the month, you made $1800 (so, your PROFIT was $1300).

With my formula, you will RE-INVEST HALF of the money (about $650) back into the advertising of your business. Now, the big question is what will you spend the $650 on? ... ezine advertising or banner advertising or BOTH?

If you were TRACKING your traffic and sales (this is soooo easy on the Internet if you have the right tool), then maybe you would have discovered that you made 85% of your profits from the ezine ads. In that case it would be BEST to re-invest most of the profits back into that type of advertising. It just makes sense, right?

Almost Everyone Does It WRONG!

Of course, most people will BLINDLY reinvest the money in BOTH (ezine and banner ads) because they don't know any better, they don't have a good tracking system installed (which can be totally automated) and they will end up losing half of their investment (or more) every time (which can be thousands of dollars lost every month and each year, especially as your business grows)!

But most will never be completely successful simply because all they see is "profit", but NEVER the true POTENTIAL profit (by "potential" profit I mean that just because you made a dollar, it doesn't mean you couldn't have made $10 with the same amount or even LESS work! ... don't limit yourself). Heck, most people can literally be making more money, with LESS effort, time, energy and expenses!

Well, there you have it ... something very simple, yet extremely effective!

How To Increase Your Profits By 225%! ...
While Only Getting A 2% Response Rate!?!

I'm going to give you another example of how to DRAMATICALLY increase your profits with almost ZERO work. The examples I'm going to give you are REAL (from our own ad/promotion campaigns), but to keep it simple, I'm going to use simple round numbers (like $10, rather than $28.20). Nobody likes math, so let's use easy numbers and keep the confusion to a minimum.

Okay, let's say you are doing a promotion. A simple one where you are going to put classified ads in 3 different newsletters/ezines. Again, for the sake of simplicity, let's assume everything is similar for all the ads and the only variable that changes is the PRICE of the ad based on the QUANTITY of subscribers (the more subscribers, the higher the cost of the ad).

You place the ads and here are your results:

  Your Cost Response Rate Your Profit
Newsletter #1: $100 1% $200
Newsletter #2: $100 2% $250
Newsletter #3: $100 2% $450
Total: $300   $900

As you can see ALL the ads were profitable, the costs were the same, and the response rate was almost the same as well. But "Newsletter #3" brought in the most profits. What most people do is look at their "home-made" tracking system (only writing down the ad costs and sales generated) and say to themselves, "Great! They were all profitable ... I'll just repeat it all again."

Well, that looks good on paper, but in the REAL world, things are different and there is a better way to do it. Instead of spending another $300 on all three newsletters and making $900 ($600 in profits). Why not spend $300 on a higher priced ad for "Newsletter #3" (like a sponsor ad) and make $1350 and a profit of $1050 (you almost doubled your profits with no extra effort)!

Plus, the sponsor ad will probably bring in an even higher response rate as well since it's at the top of the newsletter - which means even MORE PROFIT and sales for you! And as simple as this little tactic is 99% of marketers NEVER do it. They just keep wasting valuable time on bad promotions or spending money on ads blindly "as long as they show a profit".

"Is It Really That Simple?"

Unfortunately, in the real world, things are never that simple and "clear cut". The concept IS SIMPLE, but implementing it is the hard part. If your business is to grow and you are going to "re-invest half of your profits back into your advertising each and every month" (like I stated above), then you'll be dealing with a ton of ads soon.

Banner ads, newsletter ads, search engines, ezine articles, ebooks, publicity etc., etc., etc., and it'll be almost impossible to track everything. You'll be lucky if you can just figure out if you are making a profit at the end of each month.

The Solution IS Simple...

This is a problem that we use to have with our own web sites and that many of the businesses we consult STILL have. In fact, a while back a marketing associate of mine told me of a story of one of his major clients (I think it was Sears or Macy's or something like that). He said that the CEO told him, "we know HALF of our advertising works ... we just don't know which half? ..."

When you're dealing with millions of dollars worth of advertising, you BETTER find out which half works ... and do it real fast (this is why so many web businesses are going out of business... they just spend and spend and have no idea if they are really making a profit until it's too late)!

See, even at the top, the same mistakes are being made. You HAVE to know which ads work the best and invest the majority of your time, money and efforts into those big winners!

When you are a small home-based business, you can't just go around wasting money like these big companies. They have investors, you don't. You have to be smart and creative!
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